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The smart ones

Mobile devices are smart and you know what else is smart besides those smart phones everyone is carrying around, mobile marketing. These day’s people are fast forwarding through commercials, x-ing out of internet ads and ignoring chain emails but most, when their phone chimes are vibrates will read what the text or sms says, thus, the marketer is already a step ahead.

Mobile marketing allows you to customize to the individual or group target. Time sensitive information such as a sale, event or giveaway can reach the target market in seconds. A company can also promote goods using mms photos with text or ask for feedback on a recent purchase the customer has made. The point is that mobile marketing gets you directly to the person you are trying to reach. You are right in their back pocket or purse.

There are many types of mobile marketing and mobile analytic software and tools that enable you to create and track various mobile campaigns and optimize your mobile marketing efforts. Creating applications can be a great way to market your business. Some apps make things easier, some are fun, some interesting and some extremely creative but all are downloaded because the consumer is interested in them. Thus, your company is noticed and if the consumer is happy they will perhaps use you for your other products, events or ideas.

Using MMS or SMS for marketing is a great approach because when the text ring goes off on the users phone they will tend to automatically answer it because it could be a friend, family member or significant other. Most people want to respond in a timely fashion. All phones now have color capabilities so photos can be high quality and interesting. MMS or SMS can also work the other way by allowing users to send photos to a company while attending an event or send a text to be displayed on a screen during a concert.

Businesses should also be aware of privacy issues. Not all consumers will be excited to learn you have their number and can text them. You must be strategic in your marketing and be sure not to over due it and begin to bother the consumer. Some consumers will start to get concerned if they receive spam or many messages so be sure to be direct, interesting and creative as to not offend or worry your target.

Mobile marketing is a thing of the present that will sure be around in the future. Everyone these days has a mobile device whether you are 10 years old or 90 and each has a particular place as a consumer.

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