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Data Oriented SEO for 2015

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

SEO has been around for a long time now. There are many companies that offer SEO and there are many SEO experts working for small and large companies helping optimizing their companies’ websites for search engines in particular Google. They apply many SEO techniques in order to top Google’s search results. Many succeed but many also fail. Google doesn’t disclose its algorithms and ranking signals so many marketers and webmasters base their strategies on guesswork and their past experiences or experiences of others by reading their blogs. But this is not a viable solution .

Not a One Size Fit All Type of Solution
SEO strategies are no longer a one size fit all type of strategies. If a strategy works for a website, it doesn’t mean that strategy should necessarily work for another website. For example, everyone knows that link building is an integral part of SEO success but how you build links, what kind of links to build and how many, can vary website per website and industry per industry.  Google sits on a lot of data where it has good idea of how many and what type of links a new dentist website (for example) should get.  Google’s filters can detect any unnatural linking patterns and devalue those links and sometimes even penalize the website for violating Google’s Link Schemes Guideline.

Google changes and improves its algorithm constantly, some of them are announced (such as Panda and Penguin updates) and some not hence the classic approach on SEO doesn’t work any more.  So you may ask,  What’s the best method of an SEO?

Data Oriented SEO

I was reading one of my colleagues’ blog about his 2015 SEO predictions where he mentioned the top 10 trends one needs to keep an eye on 2015 and those changing the mindset to an analytical mindset stood out. In fact, according to a data analysis firm, data analytics is the next thing in SEO.

Understanding your data and industry data will give you a leverage and good idea of what to do, without getting in any sort of trouble or Google penalty.  This is simply because you are forming your strategy uniquely for you and what works for you.

For example you can look at data from your Webmaster tools and Google analytics and see what keywords and phrases you are already ranking for in search engines and see what you can do to improve that. See why your search traffic bounce and try to find out what type of content you can provide so you can make your audience more engaged.

There are also many tools and platforms that enable you perform a competitive market research to see what is your competitor doing and how are they managing to stay on top.

Studying these data isn’t easy, it needs an analytical mindset, which is what SEOs should adopt. Doing so, it can give businesses and SEO experts a competitive leverage on what to do for each site and don’t offer a one size fit all solution, which simply doesn’t work any more.

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