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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Adobe cs4 preference keeps reseting every time i restart – troubleshoot

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

C:UsersuserAppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS4Adobe Photoshop CS4 Settings

1) i shut down photoshop
2) i made a backup folder and dragged all “.psp” in there
3) restarted photoshop and set my prefference once again.

that shall do the trick~

How does it get corrupted? The Preferences file is rewritten every time you quit Photoshop. One way to try to minimize the possibility of corrupting Photoshop’s Preferences file may be to allow sufficient time for the program to quit. While I’ve not been able to develop reliable testing data, it seems that interrupting the Photoshop shutdown by starting another program or beginning another operation may be a possible source of problems.

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