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google tips and tricks

average time of 00:00 on google analytics

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The way that Google Analytics calculates average time on site is by subtracting the timestamps between the first and the last pageview of a visit. If a visitor to your site bounced, they by definition only had one pageview. Therefore it is impossible to calculate an average time on site for visitors that bounced because they did not have a second pageview. There is no way for Google Analytics to know exactly when a visitor left the site since no information is sent back to GA when the visitor closes their browser or navigates to a different site.

In the case a of a bounce, GA assigns a time on site of 0 seconds and then averages that in with the time on site for all other visitors that did not bounce to calculate an average time on the site.

local business center

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Help customers find you on Google Maps
Millions of people search Google Maps every day. A free listing on Google Maps makes it easy for them to find you.
Use the Local Business Center to create your free listing. When potential customers search Maps for local information, they’ll find your business: your address, hours of operation, even photos of your storefront or products. It’s easy, free, and you don’t need a website of your own.

Adwords keyword data showing up in analytics as “not set” (Link Analytics to AdWords)

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

How do I link my Google Analytics account to my AdWords account?
Before you link your account, ensure that you’ve used the same Google Account email address for both your Analytics and AdWords account and that the AdWords login email address has Admin access on the Analytics account.

If you haven’t used the same Google Account, simply add your AdWords login email address to your Analytics account as an Account Admin. To learn how to add your AdWords login email address to your Analytics account, click here.


Google Basic & Advanced Search Tips

Friday, October 30th, 2009

The Basic search help article covers all the most common issues, but sometimes you need a little bit more power. This document will highlight the more advanced features of Google Web Search. Have in mind though that even very advanced searchers, such as the members of the search group at Google, use these features less than 5% of the time. Basic simple search is often enough. As always, we use square brackets [ ] to denote queries, so [ to be or not to be ] is an example of a query; [ to be ] or [ not to be ] are two examples of queries.


how do i add google search box on my web site page

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

go to the above address and follow the instructions Google provide

you will successfully add customized Google search box to your web site page